Carlisle Antonio Portraits

annaliese_05Carlisle Antonio combines fashion with landscape. He finds locations and uses the models personalities to highlight their look with the landscape. Carlisle and I drove to Clevedon where we hiked through some trees to get to the beach. We were going for a ‘siren’ look so I had Claire Clark do the hair and make up, another brilliant job – thanks!

Carlisle was fantastic to work with, I hope we keep in contact and I wish him luck for his next project in Alaska.

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UWE Fashion Film

It was a cold, blustery day at the Lido in Portishead and thankfully, someone had brought emergency blankets for the models to wrap up in! We spent the day posing in changing cubicles, sitting on the steps looking out to sea, and sipping on hot tea to keep us warm. I was modelling for designer Sarah Masengo.

This is a link to the film – UWE Fashion Film

Here are a few shots from behind the scenes:
10259949_10152886121321564_6084563640641903521_n tumblr_inline_n5f4vyoItC1ss9gyk


Kingdom Guitars

IMG_0004 copy_1000_667Last week I worked with Lindo Guitars to promote their new high-end brand of UK designed guitars; Kingdom Guitars. The shoot took place at the magnificent historic building, The Milk Thistle. Simon Foster, general manager and creative director, was an absolute pleasure to work for as were Dan and Lloyd.

Lindo Guitars is a company run by musicians for musicians. The guitars pictured here are Kingdom Guitars; Dark Defender Special Edition and Empire bass.